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Our David Austin Roses Selection 2020

When you think of rose plants David Austin Roses often spring to mind. David Austin has spent the last 60 years developing his award winning roses. Combining the delicate charm and wonderful fragrances of the Old Roses with the wider colour range and repeat-flowering nature of modern roses, they are hard to beat for sheer exuberance of flower and scent. As a group they are renowned for their outstanding health, reliability and vigour. Their graceful, shrubby habits make them ideal for mixed borders, planting in large containers or for creating any kind of rose garden. Many varieties can also be trained as climbers or used to create fragrant, floriferous hedges.

Here at Deepdale Garden Centre we are proud to stock a large variety of David Austin Roses:

English Shrub Roses

Boscobel Rose

Red buds open to beautifully formed, upward-facing, coral-pink rosettes. Numerous small petals, of varying shades, mingle to provide a most pleasing effect. The strong myrrh fragrance has a hawthorn character with delicious hints of elderflower, pear and almond. A vigorous variety; it quickly forms an upright shrub of medium size, with dark green, glossy foliage.

Repeat flowering, exceptional fragrance and good for disease resistance.

Dame Judi Dench Rose

The blooms are a particularly rich shade of apricot-orange, paling prettily towards the edges. Beginning as striking, red-tipped buds they gradually open to reveal large informal rosettes, with ruffled petals. There is a light, but lovely, fresh Tea fragrance. It produces strong, arching stems which, over time, form an attractive mound of blooms.

Light fragrance, ideal for shady areas and repeat flowering.

Vanessa Bell Rose

Pink-tinged buds open to medium-sized cups held in large clusters. Pale yellow, paling to white at the edges; each with a rich yellow eye. The fragrance is similar to green Tea with aspects of lemon and honey. It forms a bushy, upright shrub. Named for the artist, designer and founder member of the Bloomsbury Group – sister of the writer, Virginia Woolf.

Good for a mixed border, repeat flowering and ideal for pots and containers.

Gentle Hermione Rose

The perfectly formed, shallow cups are pure light pink, paling to soft blush on the outer petals. There is a strong, warm myrrh fragrance. It forms an attractive, quite broad shrub, with slightly arching stems. The leaves are tinged red at first, later turning green. Hermione is the faithful wife of Leontes, the King of Sicila, in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering and exceptional fragrance.

The Ancient Mariner

An impressive variety, bearing masses of very large. many petalled blooms on a bushy, quite upright shrub. The blooms are a lovely glowing mid pink at the centre, paling towards the edges. Over time, they each reveal a cluster of golden stamens. There is a strong, warm myrrh fragrance.

Repeat flowering, highly fragrant and ideal for pots and containers.

Charlotte Rose

Bears exquisite flowers of a soft yellow colour. These start off beautifully cupped, later opening out to form rosettes. Each bloom is packed with numerous small petals, arranged around a classic button eye. There is a pleasant Tea fragrance. It forms a compact, bushy shrub, with even, upright growth.

Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering and highly fragrant.

Wisley 2008 Rose

This is a rose of exceptional delicacy and charm, perhaps more so than any other rose we know. The flowers are shallowly cupped and about 3 inches across; the petals arranged in a most perfect rosette formation – their colour being a very pure soft pink; the outer petals paling a little towards the edge. There is a delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberries and tea.

Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering and ideal for poor soil.

The Alnwick Rose

Pretty, many petalled, cupped blooms of soft pink. There is a rich Old Rose fragrance with raspberry notes. It flowers in flushes from early summer until the first frosts. It forms a nicely rounded, slightly upright, bushy shrub with plentiful, glossy green foliage.

Perfect for pots and containers, repeat flowering and highly fragrant.

Emily Bronte Rose

An exceptionally beautiful rose with distinctive neat, flat blooms. Each bloom is a lovely soft pink, the smaller central petals deepening to rich apricot and surrounding deep-set stamens. The strong Tea scent becomes more Old Rose, with delicious hints of lemon and grapefruit. It forms a bushy shrub with strong, healthy, upright growth. Named for the Brontë Society to celebrate the bicentenary of the novelist’s birth.

Good for pots, containers and borders. Repeat flowering.

Imogen Rose

Carries pretty, lightly scented, pale yellow blooms, fading almost to cream. The many delicately frilled petals are arranged around a button eye. It forms a sturdy, quite upright shrub with glossy foliage. Named after the character in Shakespeare's Cymbeline

Good for repeat flowering with a light-medium fruity fragrance. Perfect for shady areas and borders. Likes full sunlight and all soil types.

James L Austin Rose

Bears large, many petalled, deep pink rosettes, each with a button eye. There is a light-medium strength fruity fragrance. It forms a neat and tidy shrub with a bushy, upright habit. Named for the son of David Austin Senior and brother of David Austin Junior.

Good for repeat flowering with a light-medium fruity fragrance. Perfect for pots, containers and borders. Likes full sunlight and all soil types.

Lichfield Angel Rose

Pale peachy pink buds gradually open to form neatly cupped, cream rosettes. Each bloom has a perfect ring of waxy petals enclosing numerous smaller petals. Eventually the petals turn back to form a large, domed flower. It forms a vigorous, rounded, almost thornless shrub, its blooms nodding attractively on the branch. Named after an 8th century limestone sculptured panel, discovered in Lichfield Cathedral.

Good for pots, containers and borders. Likes full sunlight has very few thorns.

The Mill on the Floss Rose

Bears large clusters of neat, deeply cupped blooms, each with a small boss of stamens. Initially mid pink, verging on lilac-pink, they pale as they open, the individual petals beautifully defined by their carmine edges. Held above the foliage, they nod gracefully on gently arching growth, and have a sweet fruity fragrance. A healthy variety; it makes a bushy shrub, clothed in glossy foliage. Named after the novel by George Eliot.

Good for shady areas and pots, containers and borders. Medium-strong fruity fragrance.

English Climbing Roses

St. Swithun Rose

A tall, vigorous climber bearing very large, saucer-like blooms, each packed with over one hundred frilly petals. They are a pure soft pink, paling to blush towards the edges, and are complemented by plentiful greyish-green foliage. There is a medium-strong myrrh scent. Particularly tough, reliable and healthy.

Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering, highly fragrant and grows up to 10ft.

English Rambling Roses - Repeat Flowering

Snow Goose Rambling Rose

A short, repeat flowering rambling rose. It carries sprays of small, glistening white pompon flowers with a charming, daisy-like appearance. The stems are straight, with attractive, slender foliage. Only recommended for a south-facing wall in good conditions. The flower have a light musk fragrance.

Good for repeat flowering and grows up to 8ft.

The Albrighton Rambling Rose

A repeat-flowering variety which, unusually for a rambler, has fully double flowers. that are small and cup-shaped. They are blush pink, fading to blush white and are held in large, gracefully hanging sprays. The petals of each bloom are beautifully arranged around a little button eye; the overall appearance being one of exceptional prettiness and charm. Named for the village where the David Austin nursery is located.

Good for an arch, wall of fence. Grows up to 12ft with a light musk fragrance.

Climbing/Rambling Roses

Etoile de Hollande Rose

The climbing sport of the famous old Hybrid Tea. Its long buds open out to large, double, crimson-red flowers with a delicious, heavy Old Rose fragrance. It produces a profusion of blooms, both early and late in the season. It is a vigorous climber with ample dark green foliage.

Good for repeat flowering and full sunlight. Grows up to 20 ft high with a strong fragrance.

Sombreuil Rose

A charming and refined climber. Flat, quartered, creamy white rosettes tinged with pink. Delicious medium-strong tea scent. Repeats well.

Good for large arches and walls. Grows up to 15ft high. Likes full sunlight and all soil types.

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