We are extremely proud to be the only stockists of Kadai Firebowls in North Lincolnshire. As soon as we set our eyes on them we fell in love, we love the versatility of the firebowl and stock most of the Kadai range, including the firebowls, accessories, the tripods, cooking bowls and furniture.

Kadai firebowls and their accessories are made in India in small family workshops that still use the traditional skills of yesteryear to give each Kadai piece a unique quality. The Kadai ethos is to minimise the impact on the planet by using recycled materials where possible and only producing items that will last and hopefully improve with age if properly cared for.

Kadai Firebowls are a versatile addition to any garden for use as a fire bowl or barbecue, interchangeable with the two stands provided with each bowl. 

The tried and tested design and recommended use has not changed for centuries with riveted plates formed into a bowl shape and fitted with strong carrying handles. The wonderful thing about Kadai firebowls is they can be moved to wherever you want to use them, making them perfect for camping trips and garden parties. Just make sure you're placing it on a level. surface before lighting.

Kadai firebowls are versatile in the fact that you can burn almost anything in the bowl, the most popular being wood instead of expensive charcoal. You can also add herbs into your fuel to give a great smell or flavour to food. The base of the bowl should be filled with sharp sand to keep the metal protected and also helps the bowl to retain the heat for longer. 

We sell the complete recycled Kadai firebowl range.


In a Kadai Firebowl pack from Deepdale Garden Centre you will receive the firebowl with drainage filter, grill, high stand, low stand, tongs and a brush.

Our prices:

£215 for a 60cm bowl

£245 for a 70cm bowl

£275 for a 80cm bowl


We also stock a large collection of Kadai furniture and accessories, including gloves, marshmallow toasting forks, swing grills and much more.

If you'd like more information or to purchase a Kadai from Deepdale Garden Centre please give us a ring or email kadai@deepdalegardencentre.co.uk. Or pop in to store to take a look.

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