Plants & Garden Shop at Deepdale Garden Centre


At Deepdale Garden Centre we are an independent garden centre with the emphasis on and a passion for plants. We have our own plant nursery, where we grow many of the plants that we sell. This means we offer a unique range of plants including some of the best new introductions. Our ranges include shrubs, fruit trees, climbers, roses, trees, herbaceous perennials, conifers, ferns and grasses but we also seasonally sell things like herbs, bedding plants, alpines and Christmas trees.

We work constantly to increase our plant ranges and have many new introductions to offer alongside the tried and tested old favourites.  A higher number of the plants we sell are grown here at The Nursery; If we had more room we’d grow more but we just can’t squeeze them in! The rest of the stock is bought in from other carefully selected, reputable UK growers.

Every year we take orders for both Summer and Autumn Hanging Baskets. Each basket is tailored to the customers individual specification and personally designed and planted by Matthew and his team.

We are now taking orders for Summer 2021 hanging baskets. For more information click here.


As a garden centre outdoor plants are our speciality. We stock a gorgeous variety of plants, from basic bedding plants and perennials to some more unusual, rare and interesting plants for your garden. 

Bedding plants offer great value for money - and they put on a fabulous seasonal display. Planted in a border, a hanging basket, flower beds or containers they are great flowering plants that will give you a stunning colour display for many months.

It’s not all plants though, we offer pots, compost and plant related sundries such as fertilisers and pesticides, not to mention a range of wildlife products to help out our feathered friends.

House Plants at Deepdale Garden Centre
House Plants at Deepdale Garden Centre
House Plants at Deepdale Garden Centre
House Plants at Deepdale Garden Centre


At Deepdale Garden Centre you can find an extensive range of high quality gardening tools and accessories. We stock tools from Wilkinson Sword, WOLF-Garten and many more. The WOLF-Garten multi-change tool is a popular investment for many gardeners. It offers the total gardening solution for lawn care, soil and cultivation, tree and shrub care and general garden maintenance in one handy, lightweight tool. 

As well as tools we sell a whole host of gardening accessories, including gardening gloves, thermometers, pop-up garden bins and watering cans. 

Our garden tools and accessories also make great gifts for gardeners. 

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Bulbs at Deepdale Garden Centre
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Growing plants from seed is an economical way to stock your garden with flowers and vegetables. The Unwins range of seeds which we stock is very comprehensive, including common varieties as well many less common ones. Our seeds have very high germination rates, giving gardeners confidence in having a successful gardening experience, producing beautiful high quality plants.

Plant Shop at Deepdale Garden Centre
Plant Shop at Deepdale Garden Centre
Plant Shop at Deepdale Garden Centre
Plant Shop at Deepdale Garden Centre


House plants are indispensable in the home. You can always create your own personal ambience with house plants. They help regulate humidity levels and add fresh oxygen to your surroundings. Caring for indoor plants also helps us slow down and treasure the here and now. We have a wide range to choose from, including cacti and orchids. And you might like to check out our plant pots too.​


There are house plants in all sorts, shapes and sizes - some loved for their flowers, others for their striking foliage and most are fairly low maintenance.During winter many house plants are in flower and investing in one or two new plants can add a gentle ambience to the home when the garden is in slumber.

Indoor plants will be available again from Spring 2019.

Garden Tools & Accessories at Deepdale Garden Centre
Garden Tools & Accessories at Deepdale Garden Centre
Garden Tools & Accessories at Deepdale Garden Centre
Garden Tools & Accessories at Deepdale Garden Centre


Garden bulbs are the perfect way to add dramatic colour to the garden. You can plant up pots and containers or fill up entire borders with clumps of these exquisite flowers. Garden bulbs are individual packs of beauty. Each one contains everything needed for a fabulous flower display; you simply need to provide the best growing conditions to entice the flowers to emerge from the bulb.

Seeds at Deepdale Garden Centre
Seeds at at Deepdale Garden Centre
Wild Bird Care at Deepdale Garden Centre


We stock everything you need to help your local birdlife thrive in your garden bringing the space alive. From feeders to seed and bird tables to bird houses, we've got a great selection.

One of our most popular bird care products is our approximately 5kg refillable tub of sunflowers hearts, peanuts or birdseed.


We are now taking orders for our summer made to order or refilled hanging baskets for collection from the end of May onwards. 

Hanging baskets are a great way to add interest and colour to your garden and our made to order and refilled baskets can be tailored to your style or colour scheme and we have a wide variety of basket styles to choose from too:


• Top Fill Only Baskets:

            • Wire/Metal 14" - 16"

            • Rattan 14"

• Top & Side Fill Baskets:

            • Wire/Metal 14" - 16"

To place your hanging basket order please pop into store and we can take your order in person. 

Hanging basket orders will be ready for collection from the end of May onwards and you will be contacted when your order is ready. Payment to be made in store upon collection. 

Please note that we are unable to deliver hanging baskets.