Set of three Kadai Skillets


Set of three Kadai Skillets

  • Made by Kadai to enhance your cooking experience on their firebowls
  • Perfect for sautéing food
  • Cook food in delicious fresh sauces
  • Keeps vegetarian and vegan food separate
  • Can be used as a serving dish at the table
  • Keeps food warm as a serving dish
  • Easy to clean

What you get

1 x 22cm Skillet

1 x 26cm Skillet

1 x 30cm Skillet

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We love cooking over the glowing embers in our Kadai firebowls.

However sometimes our team want to eat very different dishes. After a hard day working at Deepdale Matt wants something spicy, (there is no such thing as too much chilli) while Bill tells us he has been looking forward to some steak cooked with fresh garlic and herbs, and Doug is wanting a fragrant Thai curry.

This set of skillets allows everyone to be happy, three dishes can be cooked side by side.

Vegans and vegetarians no longer need to worry, as these skillets separate their food.

After cooking the skillets make great “stay warm” serving platters and are easy to clean.


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