Kadai Paella Pan


The Paella Pan

  • One of the best selling Kadai accessories
  • Perfect for Paella (as the name suggests)
  • Cook curries, risottos and stir fries
  • Perfect for simmering (and flaming) fruit in vodka or brandy as a dessert
  • Gives a 55cm wide cooking area
  • At 6.2 Kg this is a substantial pan, which should last a lifetime


The best selling Kadai accessory

Once you have experienced the joy of cooking on your Kadai firebowl there is no going back.

There is nothing as good as the smell of woodsmoke in the air, while something delicious is gently bubbling away on “Log Mark 1”

Let the fire die down, and then get out the Paella Pan, and create a sumptuous curry, risotto or paella.

This is a substantial pan, it measures 55cm across and weighs in at 6.2kg

Bills Top Tip

After you have finished cooking in your Paella Pan, simply pop it back on the Kadai Firebowl filled with water, as the water simmers it will clean the pan, which will then only need a quick wipe to clean it.

If you are feeling hungry…

Here is our favourite Paella Recipe from our friends at Kadai…


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