Kadai Tripod Skillet


Kadai Tripod Skillet

  • A traditional Romany Gypsy cookery utensil
  • Offers a degree of heat control when suspended
  • Can be used on the cooking grid
  • Sauté, simmer and sear a wide range of foods

Please note that to use this skillet it is recommended that the Kadai Cooking Tripod is used.

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This is a traditional cooking utensil, which is based on the ones that have been used by Romany Gypsies for generations.

It can be used to cook a wide variety of meals over any Kadai Firebowl.

The unique advantage with this skillet is that it can be used on the cooking grid for foods requiring a higher cooking temperature.

It can also be used with the Kadai Cooking Tripod to lift the skillet up and so give a lower cooking temperature.

It can even be used to keep food warm.


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