Kadai Swing Grill


Kadai Swing Grill

  • Keep food warm
  • Create an additional cooking area
  • Choose the size of grill to fit your Kadai Firebowl

Please note:  The sizes of the swing grill relate to the size of the Kadai fire bowl they are made for.

So a 60cm swing grill fits a 60cm Kadai, but it is 35cm in diameter.

The largest swing grill available fits the 80cm Kadai and has a diameter of 50.5cm.



Cooking perfect BBQ food is not easy.

The key problem is being able to sear some ingredients for flavour, while trying to keep other items warm until it’s time to serve everything.

This Kadai Swing Grill is the answer to this problem.

Suspended from the Kadai Cooking Tripod it can be raised up to keep food warm, while preventing charring or overcooking.

It can also be lowered to provide an additional cooking surface.

Additional information

Grill Size

60 cm Diameter – £14.00, 70 cm Diameter – £16.00, 80 cm Diameter – £18.00


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