Kadai Set of four skewers and rack


  • Bill has declared these to be the best skewers in the world
  • They are hand made, in fact they are hand forged
  • The rack holds the skewers off the cooking grid so your food does not stick and burn


“When are you going to put the skewers on the website?”

Garden Centre Owner Bill has been nagging at us for ages to put these skewers online.

“Normal skewers are no good, the food either falls off them into the fire, or it sticks to the grid and you tear the food off when you try to turn them. It happens even to good cooks – honest!  But these are the real deal. The rack holds the skewers off the grid so nothing gets stuck, you just turn the skewers until the food is cooked to perfection.”

So there you have it, straight from the Bosses mouth, these are the best skewers money can buy…


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