Kadai Cooking Bowl


Kadai Cooking Bowl

  • Perfect for slow cooking
  • Cooks curries, chillies, stews and casseroles with ease
  • Excellent for warming mulled wine or cider
  • Gently simmer fresh fruit in syrup, (or a brandy and orange sauce) for the perfect end to the meal

Please note that this item hangs from the Kadai Cooking Tripod, which is therefore required to be able to use this product.

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Suspended from the Kadai Cooking Tripod the Cooking Bowl can be used to warm mulled wine or cider for a warming treat on a cooler evening.

It can also be used to slow cook stews, chillies, casseroles or curries.

The chain from the cooking tripod can be adjusted to give temperature control.

We just love this cooking bowl; at the end of a long day on the nursery we sometimes persuade Celia from the cafe to cook up one of her chicken curries, which with a few cool beers soon revives the team.


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