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Kadai Chapati Pan


Kadai Chapati Pan

  • Traditional Indian Pan
  • Kadai quality
  • Perfect for cooking flatbreads and chapati
  • Make great omelettes
  • Keep vegetarian and vegan food separate

Kadai Cooking Bowl


Kadai Cooking Bowl

  • Perfect for slow cooking
  • Cooks curries, chillies, stews and casseroles with ease
  • Excellent for warming mulled wine or cider
  • Gently simmer fresh fruit in syrup, (or a brandy and orange sauce) for the perfect end to the meal

Please note that this item hangs from the Kadai Cooking Tripod, which is therefore required to be able to use this product.

Kadai Cooking Tripod


Kadai Cooking Tripod

  • Fits all Kadai Firebowls
  • Create a multi layer BBQ
  • Use with the Kadai Cooking Bowl (not included) to create delicious casseroles, curries and stews

What you get

1 x Cooking tripod

1 x Adjustable chain

1 x Hook for cooking bowl

Please note the cooking bowl is not included.

Kadai Paella Pan


The Paella Pan

  • One of the best selling Kadai accessories
  • Perfect for Paella (as the name suggests)
  • Cook curries, risottos and stir fries
  • Perfect for simmering (and flaming) fruit in vodka or brandy as a dessert
  • Gives a 55cm wide cooking area
  • At 6.2 Kg this is a substantial pan, which should last a lifetime

Kadai Set of four skewers and rack

  • Bill has declared these to be the best skewers in the world
  • They are hand made, in fact they are hand forged
  • The rack holds the skewers off the cooking grid so your food does not stick and burn

Kadai Swing Grill


Kadai Swing Grill

  • Keep food warm
  • Create an additional cooking area
  • Choose the size of grill to fit your Kadai Firebowl

Please note:  The sizes of the swing grill relate to the size of the Kadai fire bowl they are made for.

So a 60cm swing grill fits a 60cm Kadai, but it is 35cm in diameter.

The largest swing grill available fits the 80cm Kadai and has a diameter of 50.5cm.

Kadai Tripod Skillet


Kadai Tripod Skillet

  • A traditional Romany Gypsy cookery utensil
  • Offers a degree of heat control when suspended
  • Can be used on the cooking grid
  • Sauté, simmer and sear a wide range of foods

Please note that to use this skillet it is recommended that the Kadai Cooking Tripod is used.

Kadai Zhara Roasting Pan and Lid


Zara Roasting Pan and Lid

  1. Roast Chestnuts over your fire bowl
  2. Sear and cook steaks
  3. Bake pizzas
  4. Griddle vegetables

What you get

1 x Zhara Roasting Pan

1 x Zhara Roasting Pan Domed Lid

Set of three Kadai Skillets


Set of three Kadai Skillets

  • Made by Kadai to enhance your cooking experience on their firebowls
  • Perfect for sautéing food
  • Cook food in delicious fresh sauces
  • Keeps vegetarian and vegan food separate
  • Can be used as a serving dish at the table
  • Keeps food warm as a serving dish
  • Easy to clean

What you get

1 x 22cm Skillet

1 x 26cm Skillet

1 x 30cm Skillet