The Bike & Bean Café is now open!

Updated: Sep 3

As mentioned previously we decided not to open The Bike & Bean Café earlier in the month as we wanted to make sure our health and safety protocols were spot on for our customers, suppliers and ourselves as health and safety is always our primary concern.

This is a very new version of our usual operating procedures and, as with the previous procedures, may take time to perfect!

Service will be slower due to new protocols; please be patient with our staff. We realise that some customers may find the rules frustrating; please be kind to our staff.

Below are our stringent Covid-19 health and safety protocols for The Bike & Bean Café:

- If you or anyone in your household is feeling unwell, we would politely ask you not to come to the café or garden centre.

- Currently the café is not accepting advance table bookings.

- A face covering will be required to enter the premises, can be removed when seated but in the interests of other customers must be worn when moving about the café.

- There are multiple hand sanitiser stations throughout the Café and Garden Centre and we strongly encourage our customers to use these.

- The café will operate a one-way system with separate “Entrance" and “Exit” doors.

- “Please Wait Here to Be Seated”. Seating will be assigned to ensure that tables and chairs have been fully sanitised between customers.

- The government Track and Trace program will be in operation.

- To facilitate government guidelines on social distancing, the number of tables and chairs in the café has been reduced and for this reason no modification to the layout will be permitted.

- Contactless payment is strongly encouraged.

While you may not agree with our methods, we thank you for supporting our health and safety protocols.

As always, dogs are welcome but must be on a lead at all times. Please note that for distancing measures the kitchen has been redesigned and we no longer have a dedicated “dog free” seating area.

If you'd like to take a look at the Covid-19 protocols for the garden centre and shop, please see here:

We thank you for your patience in waiting for The Bike & Bean Café at Deepdale Garden Centre to reopen and for supporting our small business during this time. We look forward to welcoming you back to our café from 10am onwards today.


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