New In Young Plants Collection

A fantastic cost-effective way of creating the most stunning perennial borders.

Choose from our new and extensive range of young, small perennial plants we have over 100 varieties throughout the season catering for every style and taste.

Young plants are a great option for filling large and small borders you can plant the plants out and leave them to establish, or grow them on in larger pots and plant at a later date when your new borders are ready. So, start planning your borders now and be the envy of your neighbours.

Our collection includes, but is not limited to:

• Agapanthus Umbellatus Blue Umbrella

• Anemone x Hybrida Queen Charlotte

• Aquilegia Vulgaris Blue Barlow

• Aquilegia Caerulea Spring Magic Blue

• Aquilegia Caerulea Spring Magic Yellow

• Aquilegia Caerulea Spring Magic Rose

• Astilbe x Arendsii Mixed

• Aster x Frikartii Monch

• Aubrieta Blue Cascade

• Aubrieta Red Cascade

• Campanula Alliarifolia

• Campanula Persicifolia Blue

• Centaurea Montana Purple Heart

• Coreopsis Ruby Red

• Dianthus Gran's Favourite

• Dianthus Bridal Star

• Dianthus Bailey's Celebrations

• Echinacea Pallida

• Echinacea Purpurea Doubledecker

• Echinops Ritro

• Eryngium Planum

• Euphorbia Amygdaloides Purpurea

• Gaillardia Kobold Goblin

• Gaura Passionate Rainbow

• Geum Borisii

• Helenium Autumnale Helena Mix

• Lysimachia Clethroides

• Lysimachia Punctata

• Lythrum Salicaria Robert

• Monarda Didyma Red Shades

• Nepeta Nervosa Pink Cat

• Papaver Orientale

• Phlox Paniculata Popeye

• Phlox Paniculata Laura

• Phlox Paniculata Mixed

• Phygelius Rectus Salmon Leap

• Phygelius Rectus Moonraker

• Physostegia Virginiana Rose Bouquet

• Polemonium Vezoense Purple Rain

• Scabious Chile Black

• Scabious Columbaria Pink Mist

• Salvia x Sylvestris Mainacht

• Salvia Argentea

• Sedum Telephium Seduction Cherry Chocolate

• Sedum Telephium Seduction Green-Yellow

• Sedum Spectabile Brilliant

• Tanacetum Coccineum Mixed (Pyrethrum)

• Trollius chinensis Golden Queen

• Verbascum Phoeniceum

• Verbena Bonariensis

• Veronica Spicata Anniversary Blue

• Veronica Spicata Anniversary Rose

We've got a fantastic offer available on this new collection! 9cm plants are just £2.99 each or 4 for £10!

The young plants collection is available in store and for local contactless delivery! For enquiries please give us a call on 01652 633006 or pop into store.

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