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New In! Soft Fruits Collection

Soft fruit plants are highly requested by our customers so this year we are pleased to let you know that we have introduced a new soft fruits collection to the garden centre.

We are excited to be stocking a variety of soft fruit plants from James McIntyre & Sons, who are a Perthshire based family business who have been specialising in the production of soft fruit plants for over 60 years. They products over a million soft fruit plants every year on their 60 acres of ground which is located within the beautiful town of Blairgowrie in the Strathmore Valley.

Did you know that the soil and general ground conditions as well as the East Perthshire climate combine to create the perfect fertile mix of conditions conditions for growing fruit? The area is blessed with loamy soils that warm up quickly and enjoy good drainage. This coupled with the long summer daylight hours, a drier climate than the west coast and fairly moderate temperatures provide the perfect growing climate for fruit.

Our collection includes: -

• Blackberry Loch Ness 3L

• Blackberry Oregon Thornless 3L

• Blackcurrant Baldwin 3L

• Blackcurrant Ben Connan 3L

• Blueberry Bluecrop 3L

• Cranberry Pilgrim 3L

• Gojiberry 3L

• Gooseberry Captivator 3L

• Gooseberry Invicta 3L

• Loganberry 3L

• Jostaberry 3L

• Raspberry Glen Lyon

• Raspberry Malling Promise

• Raspberry Malling Admiral

• Raspberry Malling Jewel

• Raspberry All Gold

• Raspberry Autumn Bliss

• Redcurrant Rovada

• White Currant White Versailles

We are so pleased to have such an extensive collection of fruit plants available at Deepdale Garden Centre, if you have any questions or would like some guidance on choosing the right soft fruits for your garden please pop in to store or give us a call on 01652 633006.

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