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New In! Sempervivum Collection

Sempervivums are making a welcome return to our gardens, as more and more people are becoming enthralled by this stunning succulent plant. These simple plants are ideal for any level of gardener; easy to grow and easy to maintain.

Sempervivums form rosettes of colourful, fleshy leaves are low growing and drought tolerant. They require a well-drained soil in full sun.

Deepdale Grown Sempervivum Collection produced for distinctive shapes and colours and providing endless opportunities for creativity.

Sempervivum Kalinda (Hens & Chicks) is a mat-forming succulent perennial forming tight, evergreen rosettes of fleshy, apple green leaves, flushed blood-red at their base.

Sempervivum Red Beauty (Hens & Chicks) sports medium sized, fairly open rosettes of grey-green leaves with blood-red tips. This colour may vary from season to season. Clusters of light pink flowers are produced in midsummer.

Sempervivum 'Ruby Heart' (Hens & Chicks) is a mat-forming succulent perennial forming attractive, evergreen rosettes of fleshy, sharply pointed, silvery blue to blue-green leaves, flushed ruby-red at their base.

Sempervivum Silverine (Hens & Chicks) produces silver petals and rose-coloured edging along with having tightly packed rosette of green that gives way to silver as it matures.

Sempervivum Sunset A sempervivum tectorum cultivar with stout, hard, glossy rosettes. As summer develops, so does the colour on Sunset - pale green leaf bases tipped with glowing orange tones.

Sempervivum Berry Blues is a sempervivum with icy, blue-green leaves surrounding a rosy-flushed centre. Displays pink flowers in late summer.

Sempervivum Bing Cherry features brilliant, fast growing, deep red to maroon rosettes that flush to green. The reddish tones will be prominent for most of the year.

Sempervivum Chocolate Kiss forms a large rosette, deep burgundy/brown in colour. Standing 6cm tall and spreading up to 30cm wide, it is a great addition for rock gardens, wall plantings, borders, ground cover and patio planters.

Sempervivum Cotton Candy features delicate rosettes of green and red leaves, shown through webbed covering. Displays pink, star-shaped flowers.

Sempervivum Cranberry Cocktail Distinctive bicolored petals create colourful mosaics on this member of the Chick Charms® series. The colours will vary in response to the plant’s exposure to light, adding year-round interest.

Sempervivum Gold Nugget This stunning low maintenance evergreen groundcover plant develops yellow and flame red foliage through the winter months, adding a splash of colour to troughs, alpine beds and containers.

Sempervivum Key Lime Kiss Bright green rosette with a tight, round shape and pointed leaves. This variety is a "roller type", meaning that it produces round offsets on delicate stolon’s so that they can easily roll away to root.

Sempervivum Plum Parfait Large rosettes of lavender leaves arrayed like petals around the tightly overlapping centres deepen with tones of plum purple in winter, adding welcome colour to the grey days.

Sempervivum Silver Suede With its colour changing magic, Silver Suede™ forms clusters of large rosettes that are a mauve pink colour with a silver sheen in the early spring into summer and as the temperatures rise the silver sheen increases.

Sempervivum Strawberry Kiwi Big on colour as well as appearance, ‘Strawberry Kiwi™’ forms a large 8″ rosette that is green in colour with deep burgundy red tips.’ Standing 2-3 inches tall and spreading up to 12 inches wide.

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