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New In! Ornamental & Fruit Tree Collections

Every garden, no matter how small, benefits from having trees that provide structure, interest and a haven for wildlife.

Our selection of ornamental and fruit tree range has been specially selected for their proportions and will work well within a small garden.

There are many types of apple, pear, plum and cherry to choose from, with a wide range of uses from eating fresh, to cooking.

Available now at Deepdale Garden Centre:

Fruit Trees:

• Apple (Malus) Core Blimey • Apple (Malus) Cox Self Fertile (Patio) • Apple (Malus) Eden™ (Patio) • Apple (Malus) Paradise Gold • Apple (Malus) Scrumptious® • Apple (Malus) Sunset • Cherry (Prunus) Morello Patio • Fig (Ficus) Brown Turkey 3L • Gage (Prunus) Old Green • Hazel (Corylus) Tonda Gentile Trilobata • Pear (Pyrus) Concorde/Conference/Comice • Plum (Prunus) Toptaste® Kulinaria • Plum (Prunus) Victoria • Grape Vine (Vitis) Dornfelder Outdoor • Grape Vine (Vitis) Phoenix Outdoor

Ornamental Trees:

• Ilex aqu Argentea Marginata • Magnolia Mags Pirouette (White) • Malus Indian Magic • Malus Prairie Fire • Prunus cam Felix Jury • Prunus Royal Flame • Sorbus Glendoick® White Baby • Sorbus ull Olympic Flame • Syringa vul Primrose

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