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Deepdale's Top 5 Soft Fruits

Blackberry Loch Ness

A superb compact variety a good heavy cropper, capable of producing 3.6kg (8lbs) of fruit per bush. The cane are vigorous, spine free, semi erect and very easy to manage. The high-quality fruit is firm, conical, glossy-black and has a good tangy flavour similar to wild blackberries. A perfect selection for small gardens.

Blackcurrant Ben Connan

Ben Connan is a very popular early fruiting variety. Exceptionally large and glossy black currants that have superb rich flavour. Neat compact grower bearing fruit on medium length sprigs making them easy to pick. Heavy cropper – usually out yields all other varieties, branches are often weighted down with fruit, but return to upright position after harvest. Resistant to mildew, leaf spot and highly resistant to leaf-curling midge. Very frost tolerant, so ideal for growing in colder climes! Perfect variety where space is at a premium.

Goji Berry

One of nature’s best kept secrets! Originating in the Himalayan highlands, it is thought to be one of the most powerful nutritional and anti-ageing foods. The attractive red berries have a mild, sweet liquorice flavour and contain more vitamin C than an orange!


A thornless hybrid cross of a blackcurrant and gooseberry. Combines the large fruit from a gooseberry and unique taste and vitamin content of a blackcurrant – very nutritious! Very vigorous, upright bush producing reliable heavy crops of large shiny black berries – double the size of normal blackcurrants. Flavour is good and berries are rich in Vitamin C – excellent for preserves. Very resistant to mildew but will require protection against frost. Resistant to big bud and foliar diseases.

Raspberry Malling Admiral

Popular strong growing variety. The erect canes are spine free, vigorous and produce a high fruit yield. The large berries are long and firm with an excellent flavour. Strong resistance to disease and virus making it a good variety to grow organically. An excellent choice if you are restricted to one variety – one of the best garden varieties.

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