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Deepdale's Top 5 Small Garden Trees

Sorbus Ull Olympic Flame

Sorbus Ull Olympic Flame

This columnar, deciduous tree makes a fine specimen for small gardens and confined spaces. The highly-feathered leaves start out as a copper green colour, becoming green over the summer, and then a fiery mix of bronze, orange and scarlet. Creamy-white flowers in late spring develop into clusters of shiny orange-red berries.

Malus Prairie Fire

A superb small tree upright in habit with vibrant deep pink single flowers, dark purple to green narrow leaves and attractive small spheroid purple fruit in the autumn.

Plum (Prunus) Toptaste® Kulinaria

Toptaste ® Kulinaria is an easy to grow dessert variety that produces heavy crops of large, blue, tasty plums. Flesh is yellow, sweet, juicy and aromatic; delicious flavours. One of the best tasting plum varieties, hence the name. Perfect for organic growing, this variety has very good disease resistance and is resistant to plum pox virus. A profusion of pretty, white blossom appears in April, adding gorgeous colours to the garden. A very hardy plum that can be grown in any garden across the UK.

Syringa vul Primrose

A bushy deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves and small panicles of fragrant, single pale primrose yellow blooms. These blooms, which are carried in large, rounded trusses, intensify as the plant matures, giving a more dramatic show of richer flowers each year.

Apple (Malus) Paradise Gold

Paradise Gold is an excellent new dessert apple. The fruit has attractive red skin and a sweet, crisp flavour. This apple was selected as the best of several newly bred apples for its superb characteristics. Its a great all round apple of some distinction.

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