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Cycle of Good Inner Tube Collection at Deepdale Garden Centre

We are very proud to be a stockist of Cycle of Good products here at Deepdale Garden Centre. Cycle of Good are part of a hub of social enterprises situated in Malawi. Together the enterprises employ 500 people who have learned skills and worked to build businesses that fund a vital children's centre that provides early years and family support to approximately 2000 vulnerable children. Malawi is a country with no welfare so the social enterprises there are creating opportunities in the way of skills building and also helping to support economic growth in the country.

Cycle of Good, in particular, turn old inner tubes and fabrics into new fairly traded ethical products to be sold in shops, just like Deepdale. They have a full-time team of 10 tailors in Malawi who earn a good wage to support their families, without any handouts or charity donations. Tailoring has been the most popular enterprise with over 2000 local women attending the tailoring school, completing a diploma training course and getting to keep their donated machine at the end of the course.

As mentioned Cycle of Good turns old inner tubes into new products to be sold in shops around the world and we feel that Cycle of Good products are a perfect fit for us here at Deepdale with the garden centre being located on the number 1 cycle route. We stock a great variety of products which range from £3.99 up to £24.99. Some of our favourite products are the tablet holder made from recycled inner tubes and the backpacks which are made from inner tubes and also locally sourced materials including coffee bean sacks.

Not only do we stock a great range of Cycle of Good products but we are also a drop off point for your old inner tubes. Many inner tubes are repaired around a couple of times before cyclists seek to replace them and discard their old ones. But Cycle of Good has set out to give all inner tubes a second lease of life by turning them into useful and beautiful products out in Malawi. Being a drop off point for inner tubes Deepdale is a part of Cycle of Good's mission to save every inner tube in the UK from going to landfill.

Have you got any old inner tubes lying around at home? Bring them in and pop them in our inner tube bucket. When we have collected a good amount we will send them off to Cycle of Good who will then ship them with all the other inner tubes which have been collected around the UK to Malawi. The tailors will then wash all the inner tubes and sew them into lots of different products, including wallets, phone and tablet cases and much more. The products are then shipped back to the UK to be distributed internationally to the Cycle of Good stockists. Every single penny raised by Cycle of Good from selling the products wholesale then goes back into the project to fund childcare and other non-profit development in Malawi. It really is the cycle that does good!

Bill was drawn to Cycle of Good as soon as he spotted them, he was initially interested in the fact they use bicycle inner tubes and coffee bean sacks as part of their designs, both these things fit in well at Deepdale. As most people will know, we use locally roasted coffee beans in our café, The Bike & Bean, which are ethically sourced and fairtrade, these are roasted by The Blending Room in Hull. Along with this we often use coffee sacks as part of displays here at Deepdale which are sourced for us by James at The Blending Room. The inner tubes were a huge pull, Deepdale is located on the number 1 cycle route, The Viking Way, which sees a lot of cyclists both pass our doors and pop in as we are a good rest spot on the route. You may notice that a lot of our products are bicycle themed due to this and Bill even named our café in honour of our location.

It was then that Bill learned of the recycling and non-profit side of Cycle of Good which he instantly wanted to be involved with. He thought it was fabulous that due to our location we would be able to collect used inner tubes from our customers and send them off to Cycle of Good to be made into the wonderful products you see in store. It's just a lovely thing to be a part of, knowing you are doing good for the environment, which is something we always try to strive for at Deepdale, whilst also being a part of helping a non-profit organisation support those in need in some of the poorest countries.

Over the past few months we have been collecting an incredible amount of inner tubes from our customers and will be sending them to Cycle of Good in the coming days so they can start their journey to becoming new fairly traded products. Our collection of old inner tubes will of course continue so if you have any old inner tubes lying around at home or that you are planning on binning please pop them into us here at Deepdale Garden Centre!

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