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Brand New Spring Bulb Collection at Deepdale

We have got a tempting collection of early flowering bulbs in 9cm pots, with beautiful blooms from cool blues to vibrant yellows. Choose from 32 carefully selected variety’s that will reliably come back year after year!

Collection includes:

• Chionodoxa Luciliae

• Chionodoxa Pink Giant

• Crocus Grand Maitre

• Crocus Jeanne D'Arc

• Crocus Pickwick

• Crocus Romance

• Ires George

• Ires Harmony

• Iris Js Dijt

• Iris Katharine Hodgkin

• Iris Pauline

• Iris Pixie Blue

• Muscari Armeniacum

• Muscari Latifolium

• Narcissus Bridal Crown

• Narcissus Martinette

• Narcissus Golden Echo

• Narcissus Jetfire

• Narcissus Minnow

• Narcissus Pueblo

• Narcissus Rip Van Winkle

• Narcissus Sun Disc

• Narcissus Thalia

• Puschkinia Libanotica

• Scilla Siberica

• Tulip Giuseppe Verdi

• Tulip Flair

• Tulip Lilac Wonder

• Tulip Pinocchio

• Tulip Quebec

• Tulip Scarlet Baby

• Tulip Tarda

We have got a great offer on these bulbs in store. £2.49 each or 5 for £10.

Keep an eye out here on our journal and our social media as we'll be sharing with you how to create stunning potted displays using these bulbs to add some colour to your garden this spring.

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