Our Matt has been hard at work creating “How To” guides filled with Tips and Tricks to help everyone to get more out of their plants  and gardens, whatever shade of green their fingers may be…

To be honest we sometimes struggle to work out what our Matt is talking about.

He comes in muttering about the Gribleys.

“Them Gribleys will be around soon”

“They spoil everything you know, those Gribleys”

We just say yes and try to change the subject…

But Matt has now created a How To Guide, getting rid of the Gribleys.

(That’s slugs and snails to you and me)


If there is a better or more reliable late summer flowering plant than a Dahlia we have yet to find it!

Our Head Gardener Matt has been growing Dahlias for years, and has put together one of our How To guides for Dahlia lovers everywhere.

Whether you just want pots of colour by the backdoor or a stunning late summer border, just click here, it will be like having your own personal Matt in the garden (but not quite as scary!

Clay soil – feared by gardeners, loved by plants.

Head Gardener Matt shares his tips on how to cope with a heavy clay soil.

Cold to warm up in the spring

Heavy and difficult to work

Clay soils are difficult to live with.

But they are full of nutrition and loved by many plants including roses…

Just click here to find out more…