There is so much to enjoy in the Garden at this time of the year.

  • Birds nesting
  • Buds bursting
  • The dawn chorus, (even if it does wake us up far too early.)

In the garden we are feeding the Roses to help them make good strong growth.

In the greenhouse we are sowing bedding plants for a stunning summer display. (Our Matt has been growing some amazing bedding in our nursery for a few weeks now)

April is also the ideal month to be planting potatoes, we chit them first to help them get away to a good start.

We are also putting out twigs to support herbaceous perennials in the cutting garden.

We are also lightly cutting back Lavender to keep it nice and bushy. (Make sure not to cut back too hard, a gentle haircut works a treat, but don’t go into old growth.)

April is “Lawn Month”. We will be raking out the moss, and applying feed and weed.

(This is also the ideal time to start a new lawn with grass seed.)


Spring is the ideal time to pop and see us at Deepdale, where we have everything you need to create the perfect garden…